Compact Production Grinding Machine Accommodates Automation Trends

Three years after the introduction of this cylindrical grinding machine, options are being added to further facilitate automated part loading.

HMCs / Machining Centers

Honing System Eliminates a Gun Barrel Lapping Operation

Pac-Nor Barreling Inc.'s manual lapping of gun barrels was tedious and time-consuming. Sunnen's HTE honing machine eliminated manual pre-lapping and improved barrel consistency.

Data-Driven Manufacturing / Training

Data from a Machine-Monitoring System Can Help Human Resource Management

Advanced Machining used FactoryWiz from Refresh Your Memory Inc. to go from simply buying more equipment when facing production constraints to becoming more efficient with machine monitoring.
Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology

Modern Machine Shop
March Issue

After Additive Manufacturing Comes Machining

GBI: Metalworking January 2017 – 53.8

The metalworking industry expands for the first time in almost two years.

Cutting Tools / Milling Tools

Economies of Usable Cutting Tool Edges

Recent introductions from a major cutting tool maker illustrate the engineering and application of tools designed to deliver an increased number of useful edges.

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

So You’re in the Market for a Machine Tool—Start Your Search by Asking “Why”

There’s nothing worse than buying a new machine that ends up neglected in the corner because it’s the wrong one for the job. Some key questions at the beginning of your search can help you avoid that.

Video: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturers now succeeding with additive manufacturing are beginning to see what its ultimate impact might be. Here are ideas about the reach that AM will have, and the kinds of changes and advances it will enable.