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Centerline Issues for Turning Inserts

Tooling experts Mike Fagan and David Grant suspect that many programmers and machinists could use a refresher on the importance and effects of insert alignment in turning operations. This short, amply-illustrated paper is their effort to clear up some of the misunderstanding.

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Tool Monitoring for Multitasking Machines

Continuously checking the condition of cutting tools and responding appropriately to wear or other changes is especially critical on machines designed to complete parts in a single setup or run several operation simultaneously.


Smooth Technology Is New Concept for CNC

Smooth Technology is the umbrella term Mazak (Florence, Kentucky) is using to describe its new concept for the programming and control of complex, multi-axis machine tools.

Lots of Reasons

Why are companies choosing to manufacture in the United States? There are various reasons, not all of which are under manufacturers’ control. But the list of factors that led one company to open an American plant paints a largely positive picture of the merits of U.S. production.

Metalworking Business Index

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September 2014 MBI Shows Slowed Expansion

With a reading of 50.9, Gardner’s Metalworking Business Index showed that the industry grew in September for the ninth consecutive month and the 11th time in 12 months, although the rate of expansion was the slowest of 2014.

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