Two-Man Startup Automates Eyewear Production

Lowercase Eyewear needed a cost-effective way to produce eyewear in the United States. A Robotiq gripper on a UR5 collaborative robot arm enabled repeatable, consistent production so employees could work on more labor-intensive projects.

CNCs / Data-Driven Manufacturing

CNC Software Is the Sensor

Recent developments in CNC technology enable the use of add-on software for monitoring cutting conditions in the machine tool.

Top Shops

Top Shops Profile: Land Sea Air Manufacturing

Land Sea Air was 2017's Top Shops Honors Program winner in the category of business strategies.

Siemens Answers with the Most Innovative CNC Solutions for Machine Tool Technology

Modern Machine Shop
September Issue

Process Control: What to Do with All That Data

Gardner Business Index: Metalworking August 2017 – 54.7

Modest but consistent backlog growth is an indicator of future machine tool sales.

Composites / Fluids

Wet-Machining of Composites Crosses Boundaries

Although composite machining has traditionally been performed dry, new coolant technology has proven to prevent delamination, increase tool life and reduce health risks.


Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

So You’re in the Market for a Machine Tool—Start by Asking “Why?”

There’s nothing worse than buying a new machine that ends up neglected in the corner because it’s the wrong one for the job. Some key questions at the beginning of your search can help you avoid that.

Video: 5 Things You Didn’t Know about Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturers now succeeding with additive manufacturing are beginning to see what its ultimate impact might be. Here are ideas about the reach that AM will have, and the kinds of changes and advances it will enable.