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Published: 7/21/2010

Startup Leverages Machine Tool Builder Expertise
To improve competitiveness, Sakana, a gray and ductile iron casting firm, decided to take responsibility for more steps in the wind turbine manufacturing process. With no experience in machining, partnering with machine tool builder Soraluce was key...

Published: 6/15/2010

Hard Milling Reduces Lead Time, Manual Labor
Investing in a hard milling machine from Makino has enabled this fineblanking manufacturer to reduce lead time by 55 percent, reduce manual labor and improve part quality.

Published: 1/18/2010

Machine Line Alleviates Workflow Bottlenecks
Workflow bottlenecks led this oil and gas industry manufacturer to seek a new line of machine tools. Standardizing on mills, lathes and other machines from FEMCO eliminated operator training issues while reducing process time and tooling costs.

Published: 1/18/2010

Automatic Pallet System Helps Pick Up The Pace
Racecar drivers need high-performance components to win races, but manufacturing those components requires speed, too. An automated pallet changer helped this shop boost production not only for its auto customers, but also for customers in aerospace...

Published: 12/17/2009

Shop Enjoys Five-Axis Benefits Without The Cost
Integrating Lyndex-Nikken rotary tables into three-axis Mori Seiki VMCs provided this shop with five-axis capability at a fraction of the cost of a new five-axis machine.

Published: 11/9/2009

Shifting Gears To Integral Drive Adds Productivity
Machines with geared-head spindles are typically employed for machining titanium and other tough materials that require high torque. However, replacing such models with integral-drive HMCs from Makino has enabled this contract manufacturer to signif...

Published: 5/13/2009

Horizontal Leap Helps Shop Change And Grow
Migrating from short-run jobs and prototyping to tackling complex defense compartment components during the past few decades has kept business humming at Proteus Manufacturing. However, increased business led to new production challenges. With a sin...

Published: 5/13/2009

HMC Reduces Setup Time On Low-Volume Jobs
Producing parts right the first time is especially important for a job shop that pays as much as $10,000 for raw material. Although complex geometries and tight delivery schedules initially made this challenging, a four-axis HMC with pallet changer ...

Published: 4/17/2009

Turning Center Aids Transition To Production Work
To migrate from prototyping and one-off work to higher-volume jobs, Elmira, New York-based IDM needed more capability than its manual machines and older CNCs could provide. With the ability to complete parts in one setup and perform work that previo...

Published: 3/16/2009

Die/Mold Shop Joins Constant Velocity Revolution
According to machine tool supplier GBI Cincinnati, data processing inefficiency inherent in many CNCs can cause actual feeds and speeds to vary significantly from those called for in the part program, leading to acceleration and deceleration during ...