Addressing the Design Issues of Rapid Manufacturing

This white paper from a manufacturer that added an in-house rapid manufacturing center describes how additive technologies both complement and differ from manufacturing processes relying on CNC machining.

Article From: 9/8/2009 Additive Manufacturing

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machined part vs. additive part

This photo illustrates the comparison between additive manufacturing and machining. Here is the same part as it would be produced through CNC machining and through 3D printing. The two approaches have different strengths. The paper details this comparison.

Renishaw, a manufacturer of measurement products that extensively uses CNC machining in its in-house production process, recently added additive manufacturing to its capabilities. In fact, the company added a “Rapid Manufacturing Centre” to one of its UK plants in order to develop its understanding of various forms of additive manufacturing. A white paper describes the company’s findings. To read what the company has written about rapid manufacturing, click here.

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