Advanced Modular Storage System Helps Precision Machined Parts Manufacturer

Magnum 2000, Inc. (Oakville, Canada) is a manufacturer of precision-turned parts for the automotive and allied industries. The growing company plans to expand its headquarters and open a new plant shortly.

Magnum 2000, Inc. (Oakville, Canada) is a manufacturer of precision-turned parts for the automotive and allied industries. The growing company plans to expand its headquarters and open a new plant shortly. Over the last five years, Magnum 2000 has invested more than ten million dollars in new capital equipment. The Oakville facility has recently acquired a large bank of highspeed rotary transfer machines. This technology has eliminated the need for secondary and tertiary operations and allows for fast production of very complex parts.

“We have spent the last decade perfecting our manufacturing process,” says vice president of operations Lewis Walmsley. “We have taken a proactive approach.”

Magnum’s philosophy is simple: if you increase the speed of production, you reduce costs. Consequently, the company recently purchased nearly $600,000 worth of precision quick-change tool heads for its machining center. This recent expenditure became the catalyst for the implementation of another project—replacing the plant’s storage system.

Magnum’s existing storage system was antiquated, to say the least. A mishmash of boxes, wooden tables and old cabinets, the system was both inefficient and unsightly. “This was an ideal time for us to address the inadequacies in our storage system throughout the plant,” says Mr. Walmsley. “We had always wanted to standardize our small parts storage, and, of course, we wanted to protect our new tool investment.”

After evaluating several storage solution providers, Magnum 2000 turned to Swiss Instruments/Belmag, an Ontario based industrial distributor. This company recommended a complete storage system from Lista International (Holliston, Massachusetts).

“We selected Lista because we needed a storage system that would be robust enough to hold the heavy tooling items that we use daily,” says Mr. Walmsley. “Also, the system had to be aesthetically pleasing, since our customers often conduct audits on products being manufactured.”

Magnum 2000 first addressed the Quality Control lab, which was completely refurbished with a Lista workspace system, comprised of modular drawer storage cabinets and workbenches.

Installed around the lab’s perimeter are Lista drawer storage cabinets furnished with plastic laminate tops. These storage cabinets feature 50 percent more storage capacity than conventional shelving and serve as the primary storage area for small parts. Because each cabinet utilizes full cubic capacity for maximum use of space, Magnum 2000 is able to condense storage and improve organization in the lab.

Customizable drawers feature usable heights ranging from 21/8 inches to 15 inches, and because drawers are available in a variety of depths, items of widely varying sizes can be efficiently stored. Each drawer can be subdivided with various partitions to create organized, custom compartments that can be easily reconfigured.

Additionally, Lista’s drawers extend 100 percent from the housing, enhancing overall accessibility to stored items. Drawers are also equipped with label holders to further facilitate item retrieval. Within these drawers, Magnum 2000 stores an array of items, such as gages, vernier calipers, and other small electronic measuring equipment.

To store measuring and test equipment that is more than 24 inches long, Magnum 2000 utilizes Lista Double Width cabinets (56 ½ inches wide), customized with sliding doors. When integrated with the standard cabinets, the Double Width cabinets enable Magnum to store large and small items contiguously.

Lista cabinets form a functional storage and work area in the center of the lab. This storage “island” is designed with four Lista HS cabinets. With their highdensity storage and shallow footprint (40 ¼ inches wide by 22½ inches deep), HS cabinets maximize floor space. Each shallow depth drawer is 18 inches deep; all items are within easy reach. With the use of special file drawer inserts, Magnum 2000 is able to store inspection files and other documents in these versatile cabinet drawers, keeping all paperwork within easy reach.

Lista’s technical workbenches with plastic laminate tops complete the workspace solution in the Quality Control department. Lista’s Narrow Width cabinets, which serve as workbench pedestals, provide easy access to delicate test equipment.

“The Lista system has augmented overall organization in the lab,” says Mr. Walmsley. “All lab tools and equipment are within easy reach, which enables lab technicians to be more productive.

Next, Magnum 2000 built two tool presetting stations in the plant using a combination of Lista tool storage cabinets and industrial workbenches. To store and protect the precision quick-change tool heads, Lista installed drawer storage cabinets outfitted with toolholders. Each toolholder conforms to the shank of the tool, protecting it from damage. When the quick-change tool heads are not in use, they are neatly stored and cataloged, safe from accidental damage. Additionally, doublehinged cabinets with rollout trays provide storage for spare motors and parts for heavy manufacturing equipment.

Because Lista cabinets feature a 440-pound load capacity, overloading the cabinet is not a concern for the manufacturing personnel. Moreover, all cabinets feature the PrevenTip interlock system—a safety feature that prevents the cabinets from tipping over when fully loaded.

Complementing the tool storage system are Lista’s industrial workbenches. These benches provide a workstation for preset equipment and the assembly and disassembly of manufacturing tools.

“Lista has met all of our expectations in the Quality Control and production areas,” Mr. Walmsley says. “The workspace system has created a working environment that has impressed employees, customers and future prospects alike.” MMS

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