American Assembled Vertical Machining Centers from Republic Lagun CNC Corp.

(sponsored content) Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mills take torque to a whole new level of high speed machining.

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 Each Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mill comes with heavy-duty Ram built construction providing durable well-built units for all of your specialty milling needs. Whatever your requirements, Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mills were built to withstand multiple vigorous tasks from heavy duty cutting to mold making.

Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mills are proud to deliver Meehanite castings that provide you with distinct advantages: Uniform Soundness, Consistent Physical Properties and Dependable Performance In Service. Featuring the VMC 6030, heaviest in class, Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mills are known for their maximum vibration damping and rigidity that come standard with every one of our high speed CNC Vertical Milling units. Standing beside your high-speed vertical milling success, Republic Lagun CNC Vertical Mills!  

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