IMTS: Grinding

Cylindrical Grinder Provides Flexibility for Small Parts
Finishing, Deburring Brushes Support Automation
Gear Grinder Reduces Dressing, Setup Time
Grinding Machine Enables Straight, Angled Applications
Micro Blasters Deburr, Clean Small Parts
Profile Grinder Speeds Cycle Times
Rigid Grinder for Automated Environments
Steady Rests for Grinding Shaft-Type Parts
Twin-Turret Grinding Machine Performs Multiple Applications
Versatile Grinders Provide NC Wheelhead Swivel Function

IMTS: Cutting Tools

Back-Spotfacing Tool Increases Workpiece Access
Base Holders Speed Tool Changes
Boring Head with Concentric Insert Holder Optimizes Bore Depth
Broaching Systems Reduce Cycle Times
Carbide Inserts Increase Tool Life in Ultra-Hard Metals
Cartridges Accommodate More Applicable Inserts
CNC Drill Sharpener Stores Tool Geometries
Cutter with Grooving System Available
Cutting Insert Offers Internal Coolant Jet
Diamond-Coated Tools Enable Direct Milling
End Mills Ease Cutting of Alloys
End Mills Feature Cutting Tool Safety System
End Mills for High-Speed Aluminum Applications
End Mills Reduce Moldmaking Cycle Times
High-Performance Taps Control Chip Formation
High-Speed ATC Synchronizes Movements
Inserts Integrate Multi-Tooth Patterns to Support Push/Pull Threading
Milling Chuck Assembly Maximizes Tool Accuracy
Range of Cutting Tools, Inserts Available
Reaming Tools Enable Efficient Machining of Hard Materials
Replaceable Tips for Flat-Bottom Hole Making
RFID Portal Manages Smaller Tool Cribs
Rotary Broach Tools Cut Rosan-Type Ports
Specialized Tooling Configurations Available
Thread Milling Cutters Deliver Coolant to Flutes
Thread Milling Cutters Resist Tool Breakage
Through-Coolant System Retrofits Live Tooling
Tool Coating Technology Promotes Stability
Toolholding Line Offers Four Taper Types
Undercutting Core Tool for Potted Fasteners Available


CAM Programs Emphasize Integration
CAM Software Accelerates Toolpath Generation
Cloud Solution Features 24/7 Access for Increased On-Time Delivery
CNC Simulation Software Integrates with CAM Systems
ERP Software Protects Document Integrity
Mobile Simulation Review Technology Increases Productivity
Process Control Software Uses Cloud Technology
Redesigned CAM Engine Anticipates Mill, Lathe Evolution
Software Enables Part Geometry Information Integration
Updated CAD/CAM Software Supports Turn-Mill and Multitasking Machines
Updated CAM Software Promotes Extended Tool Life

IMTS: Workholding and Handling

Adaptable Pallet Changers Ease Installation
Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet
Expanded Line of Workholding Products
Fixturing System Clamps and Locates Simultaneously
Flexible Automation Accommodates Single Cells to Shop-Wide Systems
Multi-Axis, Low Profile Vise Frees Z-Axis Work Area
Pallet Carousel Automates Part Loading and Unloading
Precision Vises and Accessories are Modular
Quick-Change Workholding Decreases Downtime
Range of Fixturing Components
Rotary Positioning Tables for Heavy Loads
Six-Jaw Equalizing Chuck Clamps Easily-Deformed Workpieces
Tombstone For Flexible Five-Axis Machining
Top Jaws Grip Without Marring Surfaces
Urethane-Covered Bearing Rollers Promote Non-Marring Operations
Vise Provides Firm Grip on Odd-Shaped Parts

IMTS: Plant Equipment & Miscellaneous

Calculator Saves Time with Built-In Tables
Centrifuge Reclaims Cutting Fluids from Chips
Coolant Nozzles Ease Positioning
Grinding Fluid Extends Wheel Life
Laser Radar with Vertically "Fanned" Output
Machine-Ready Blanks Eliminate Outside Processing
Metalworking Lubricant Provides High Pressure Tolerance
Mist Collector Offers Wet Dust Collection
Multi-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners Offer Flexibility
Nylon 3D Printing Material Offers High Break Resistance
Parts Washer Removes Cutting Fluids, Chips
Solvent Cleaning Machine Offers Batch Flexibility
Tramp Oil Coalescer Offers Flexibility

IMTS: Turning

Bar Feeder Instantly Synchronizes with Headstock
Big Bore Turning Centers for Oil-Field Components
Chucker Supports Increased Loading Capacity
CNC Lathe Incorporates Robotic Equipment
CNC Lathe Supports Two Tools Working Simultaneously
Fully Automatic Magazine Bar Feeder Incorporates Web Technology
Increased Spindle Speeds Reduce Cycle Times
Large Through-Bore Turning Center Handles Big Jobs
Lathes Designed for the Job Shop Market
Milling, Turning and Grinding on One Platform
Multitasking CNC Lathes Improve Productivity
Multitasking Machine Features Fast Cycle/Tool Change Time
Swiss-Type Lathe Features B-axis Action
Turn-Mill Designed for Deep-Hole Drilling
Turn-Mill Enables Simultaneous Machining on Four Stations
Turn-Mill Produces Complete Parts in Single Setup
Vertical Turning Center, Lathes Available
Vertical Turning Lathe Features Motor with Four Gear Ranges
Vertical Turning Series Features Thermally Balanced Columns

IMTS: Machining Centers

Boring Machines Offer Stability for Large-Part Applications
Boring Mill's B Axis Locks to 360,000 Positions
Compact VMC for Machining Small Parts
Expanded HMC Series Extends Pallet Sizes
Five-Axis Double-Column Machining Center for Range of Work
Five-Axis Machine Boosts Productivity
Five-Axis Machine with Large Work Zone
Gantry-Type Machining Center for Large, Complicated Parts
Gantry-Type Mill Accommodates Large-Sized Parts
Gantry-Type Milling Machine Offers Rigidity, Accuracy
Heavy-Duty HMC Provides Rigidity, Stiffness
High-Speed HMC Shortens Cycle Times
High-Speed Machining Center for Die/Mold Work
High-Speed Milling Machine Offers Large Work Area
High-Torque Horizontal Boring Mill Cuts Tough Materials
HMC Features 140" Y Axis
HMC Features Dual-Spindle, Dual-Table Design
HMC Features Six-Pallet System
HMC Features Two Spindle Configurations
HMC Offers Thermal Stability for Large-Part Applications
HMCs for Various Production Environments
HSM Enables Five-Axis Simultaneous Operations
Large HMCs Offer Automatically Changeable Heads
Micromachining Center Achieves 0.25 Ra Surface Finish
Milling Machine for Educators, Manufacturers
Milling, Sintering Machine Produces Complex Parts
Portable Machining Center for Secondary Operations
Profiler Features Redesigned, High-Speed Spindle
Range of Multifunction Machines Offered
Single Machine Performs Additive, Subtractive Processes
Table-Type Boring Mill Suits Heavy Machining
Universal Machining Centers Enable Upside-Down Machining
Updated HMC Designed for Large-Part Machining
VMC Features Boxway Construction on All Axes
VMC Features High Rapid Traverse Rates
VMC Provides High-Speed, Rigid Operation
VMCs for Moldmaking, Heavy Cutting Work

IMTS: Machine Tool Components

Angle Heads Offer Variety, Reliability
Angle Heads Reduce Vertical Machining Costs
High-Speed Spindles Offer Micro Collet System
Linear Encoders Control Expansion/Contraction of Scale
Miniature Optical Encoder Promotes Signal Stability
Range of Machine Protection Components on Display
Two-Axis Spindle Unit for Titanium Applications

IMTS: Control Units

CNC for Vertical Knee Mills Has Intuitive User Prompts
CNC Hardware and Software
CNC Innovations Improve Machining Performance, Ease of Use and Maintenance
CNC System Enables High Performance on Smaller Machines
CNC Unit Designed for Job Shop Mills and Lathes
DNC System Incorporates Web Client Stations
Electrical Connectors for Machine Control Panels
Machine Tool Monitoring Device Adjusts Machining Processes
Safety Control Unit for High-Risk Automation

IMTS: Inspection and Measuring

Digital Calipers and Indicators with Wireless Data Transmission
Digital Optical Comparator Performs Five-Axis Inspection
Inspection Software Offers Thread Measurement Add-On
Non-Contact Surface Profiler Measures Multiple Parts, Setups
Surface Measurement System Enables Mobility
Tester Automatically Calculates Deviations


Large-Capacity Die-Sinker EDM Supports Automation
Wire EDM Equipped with Taper Compensation
Wire EDM Provides In-Process Inspection
Wire EDM's Digital Generator Provides High Cutting Speeds

IMTS: Fabricating and Stamping

Automatic Sawing and End-Machining Center Handles 4,000-kg Loads
Laser Cutting System Includes Swiss Capability
Side-Load Robotic Welding Cell Features High-Speed Tandem Swift Arc Transfer
Waterjet Cutting System Enables Expandability
Waterjet Designed for Cutting Fine Materials
Waterjet Offers Cutting Precision in Virtually Any Material

IMTS: Special-Purpose

Gundrilling Machine Suits Medical Implants
Modular System Combines Machining Processes
Transfer Machine Offers Bar Positioning Accuracy
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