Modern Equipment Review

Abrasive Disc Brushes Enable Automation
Bar Feeder Enables Faster Changeovers
Brush Deburring Tools Increase Throughput
Centerless Grinder for In-feed Grinding Multiple Parts
Cleaning System Uses Cavitation Effect
CNC Grinder Avoids Deviation
CNC Turning Center for High-Production Applications
Deburring System Improves Productivity
Digital Calipers Offer Measurement Versatility
Disk Finisher for Deburring Applications
Electrode Machining Center Mills Graphite, Copper Electrodes
Filtration Systems Occupy Compact Footprint
Gunsmithing Lathe Features Enclosed Gearbox
High-Accuracy Length Gage for Harsh Environments
HMC Designed to Boost Productivity
Measuring Machine for Rotationally Symmetrical Parts
Multitasking Machine for Large, Complex Parts
Pallet Automation System for Large Loads
Polymer Sealant Protects Metal Products
Sump Cleaner Vacuums and Dispenses Simultaneously
Three-Axis VMC Limits Vibration
Tool Presetters Offer Expanded Measuring Range
Truing and Dressing Machine Increases Efficiency
Turn-Mill Machine Features Counter Spindle
Twin-Spindle Honing Machine for Oil and Gas
Ultrasonic Machining Center Uses Non-Contact Electrical Material Elimination
Vertical-Axis Crusher for Swiss Machining
VMCs for Large Workpiece Manufacturing

Systems and Software

CAM Program Features Enhanced Turn-Mill Options
CPU for Compact Modular Controllers
Machining Calculator Available for Windows
Software Introduces Simulation Module

Cutting Tools

Anti-Pull System Prevents Cutter Slippage
Bar Puller for CNC Turning Centers
Broach Shortens Cycle Times
Chucks Prevent Tool Pullout
Tap Improves Thread Quality
TER Shrink Chuck Extends Tool Life
Turning Grades Reduce Friction
Vulcanized Collet Systems for Quick Changeover
Workholding System Reduces Setup Time
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