Modern Equipment Review

Air, Electronic Gage Readouts for Shopfloor, Lab Environments
Automatic Saw Design Increases Production Rates
Die Sinker EDM Features Rotary Tool Changer
Durable Flap Disc from Walter Designed for Increased Life
Five-Axis Wire EDM Provides Quality Finishes
Furnace Designed to Minimize Heat Loss and Maximize Durability
Haas St-10Y Compact Turning Center Includes Milling Capabilities
Heller's F-Series HMC Machines Aerospace Alloys
HMCs from AV-Tech Built for Rigidity
Hydraulic Pump for Vises, Cluster Towers, Swing Clamps
Length Measurement System for Thin-Walled Parts
Multitasking VMC Processes Long Workpieces in Single Setup
PCD Erosion Technology from Vollmer Decreases Processing Time
Sinker EDM Technology Speeds Deep-Rib Roughing
Smart DEM Wire EDM from Knuth Cuts Graphite
Sunnen SV-490 Vertical Hone Machines Aerospace Components
Thread Inspection Systems Suited for Multiple Industries
T-Rex HMC Spindle Designed for Hard Metal Machining
Turning Center Machines Precision Medical Parts
Vertical Turning Lathe for Heavy-Duty Turning, Multitasking
Waterjet Enables Efficient Machining
Wire EDM Machines Boost Accuracy, Efficiency in Challenging Materials
Wire EDM Series Features Design, Engineering Improvements
ZV Line of Gang Tool Lathes Designed for Second Operations and Small Turning

Cutting Tools

Adapters Added to Modular Tooling System
Carmex's BLU Grade Thread-Turning Inserts Improve Cutting Performance
Cutting Tool Coatings Improve Performance
CVD-Coated Grade Machines Stainless Steel
De-Sta-Co HD 5000 Series Manual Toggle Clamps Designed for Durability
End Mill’s Reinforced Edges, Coating Boost Metal Removal
Expanded Shrink-Fit Toolholder Line Improves Efficiency
Seco Tools' Shoulder Milling Cutters Increase Productivity

Systems and Software

Fagor 8065 CNC Designed for Aerospace Applications
Missler Software's TopSolid'Cam User Interface Improves Performance
Modeling Functionality Enhances Software
PartMaker Modeling Functionality Added to PartMaker 2012
Part-Offset Pattern Features Enhance CAM Software
Reverse Engineering Enhances CAD Software Capabilities
Single-Axis Controller Features Micro-Stepping Drive
Software Manages Manufacturing Information
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