Cutting Tools

Deep-Hole Drills Increase Throughput
Drills Withstand High Heat
European Live Tools Designed for CNC Lathes
Modular Boring Tools
Performance Turning with Twice the Edges
Sealed ER Collets
Solid Carbide Deep-Hole Drill
Tight-Tolerance Hole Making in Composites

Systems and Software

3D CAD Viewer
CAM Software Improves Milling, Modeling and Toolpath Editing
Data Repair Module for CAM Software
Five-Axis Software Optimizes Complex Machining
NC Program Optimization Software Displays Performance Indicators
PLM Solution Features Web-Based Platform
Software Helps Students Learn CAD/CAM
SolidWorks Plug-In Enhances Workflow

Modern Equipment Review

1,400°F Box Furnace
Band File Deburrs Hard-to-Reach Places
Deep Bed Gravity Technology Enables a Variety of Filtration Levels
Digital Indicators Feature Versatility Enhancements
Dual, Electric Servo Pump Increases Cutting Speed
Five-Axis Dot Peen Marking Machine
Five-Axis, Touch-Trigger Probe Head Increases CMM Measurement Throughput
Heavy-Duty Machining and Grinding Fluid
HMCs Available in a Range of Capacities
Honing System Offers Increased Part Capacity, Stroker Torque
In-line Contour Inspection at High Speeds
Laser Calibration System for PCB Drilling Machine Positioning
Measurement Arm Rapidly Verifies Parts
Measurement System Designed for Micro Part Inspection
Micro-Zoom Video Inspection Systems
Multi-Sensor, 3D Metrology System Inspects Complex Shapes
No-Drift, Absolute Gaging Package
Rotary Table Offers Accuracy, Repeatability
Rotary Tables Feature High Rotational Speed
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