Systems and Software

CAD Partner for PartMaker CAM
Computerized Maintenance Management System Increases Efficiency
Form Improvements and Redesigned Interface
High-Speed Punch Press Controls Increase Hit Rates
Improved Conversational Programming Support
Software Simplifies Programming and Speeds Time to Solution

Modern Equipment Review

Automatic Diamond/CBN Wheel Truing, Dressing Machine
CNC Multispindle Production Center
CNC Pipe Profiler/Cutting Machine
CNC-Based Waterjet Provides 1-Micron Accuracy
Drawer Magnets Prevent Plugged Valve Gates
High-Precision Grinder Eases Punch and Die Maintenance
Identify Heat-Treated Parts
Intelligent Waterjet Pump Uses Less Electricity, Components
Large-Diameter, Full-Grip Jaws
Laser Produces Quality Cutting Surface Finish
Micron Creep-Feed Grinder
Power Drawbar Features Increased Spring Force
Pump Provides Increased Operating Life
Robotic Waterjet and Saw Solution for Countertops
Servo Head Reduces Laser Piercing Time
Terrain Following Capabilities for High Angle Waterjet Cutting
Three-Axis Laser System
Turning Center Cuts Longer Stock
Turn-Mills with Twin-Spindle Versatility
Water-Soluble Oil for Titanium, Aluminum Machining
Wire EDM Offers Speed, Accuracy

Cutting Tools

General-Purpose, High-Performance Tap
High-Performance Thread Mills
Hydraulic Chuck Promotes Smooth, Stable Cutting
Milling Grade for Stainless Steels
Runout-Adjustable Toolholders for Large Diameter Cutting Tools
Shrink-Fit Toolholder Keeps Mills in Place During Hard Cutting
Steel Turning Grade
Versatile Angle Attachments

On Display

Ballnose End Mills for Ceramic, Carbide Inserts
Five-Axis Programming and Simulation
Machining Complex Parts on a Five-Axis VMC
Mini Range of Milling Cutters
Parallel Computing Algorithms Improve Calculation Speed
Precise Die/Mold VMC for Roughing and Finishing Operations
Tool Breakage Detection System
Toolholders Prevent Scrapping Mold Bases
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