Cutting Tools

90-Degree Lead Angle Optimizes Shoulder Milling
Collet Pads Change Over Faster Than Solid Collets
Cutter Maximizes Square Shoulder Milling
Deep-Hole Gundrill Enables Easy Head Replacement
Five-Axis Clamp Eases Access to Workpieces
Forming Tap Series Stably Machines Range of Materials
Live Lathe Tool Improves Productivity, Cuts Costs
Steady Rests Designed for Longer Life
Toolholder Directly Clamps Small Tools
Variable Helix End Mill with Eccentric Land

Modern Equipment Review

Absolute Linear Encoder Boosts Throughput, Yields
Adjustable Levers Are Designed for Use in Tight Spaces
Affordable CMM Offers Enhanced Performance
Articulating Arms Help Optimize, Organize Floor Space
Band Saw Accurately Miters Up to 60 Degrees to Right
Cell Loader Systems Bring Flexibility to Sheet-Metal Automation
Coalescer Offers Coolant-Free Tramp Oil Discharge
Coolant Maximizes Performance, Minimizes Maintenance
Economical Bridge-Type CMM
Eight Spindles for Complex Parts
Flap Discs for Right-Angle Air Tools Boost Productivity
Fluid for Hard, Brittle Metals
Handheld Analyzers for Alloy Verification
Handheld Drilling System
High Performance VMC
Lightweight Robotic Spindles Designed for High Precision
Magnets Lift Heavy Loads
Non-Woven Stripping Discs Provide Faster Cutting, Increased Life
Pressure-Blast System Uses Small Footprint
Rotor Grinder Handles Helical Screw Components
Self-Reversing Tapping Attachment Boosts Cycle Times
Sinker EDM Features Simplified Control Mechanism
Space-Saving VMC Efficiently Machines Complex Medical Parts
Touchscreen Control Station Eases Grinding Operations
Twin-Camera Presetter
United Grinding Expands ID Grinding Capabilities

Systems and Software

CNC Mill Control Features Touch-Screen Interface
Distortion, Deflection Prediction Capabilities Added to CAE Software
Motion Controllers Enhance Productivity
Software Add-On Creates Head Porting Toolpaths
Software Enhancement Improves Visualization, Simulation
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