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Attendees can visit Booth S-8586 for a “one-stop-shopping” experience in finding peripherals to optimize the productivity of new or existing machine tools.

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Along with four new bar feeder models, LNS offers a one-stop-shopping collection of machine tool peripherals.

Rather than focusing on individual products, LNS America’s approach to IMTS is about helping manufacturers enhance the performance of their turning and machining operations. Attendees can visit Booth S-8586 for a “one-stop-shopping” experience in finding peripherals to optimize the productivity of new or existing machine tools.
Visitors to the booth can discuss their specific manufacturing situation with technical and applications specialists who can provide advice on how to load and support barstock to enable optimum spindle speeds while reducing vibrations; remove all manner of chips, including mixed materials, sizes and shapes; filter and manage machine coolant to reduce tool wear and downtime; and clean oil mist and smoke from the air and remove tramp oil so factory surfaces are safer and machine operators healthier.
The specialists also can address how to apply just the right amount of high-pressure coolant for faster cutting speeds, reduced tool wear and to break up large chips for easier disposal; decide if a custom-designed, automatic workholding system is needed for difficult-to-machine applications; and further reduce operator time and material waste by connecting a series of LNS products to machine tool controls via the e-Connect Ethernet communications system.
The company says its booth is designed so attendees can explore many ways to make their machine tools even more efficient. All products are on display with a mocked-up lathe so visitors can see the seamless integration into the machining process. New products in the booth include four new bar feeder models for a variety of applications; a programmable, variable-speed, high-pressure system; and the latest filtering chip conveyors.

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