Ettlinger Opens U.S. Subsidiary

Company already had presence in the U.S. market with ERF melt filter for recycling highly contaminated plastics waste.

Article From: 6/25/2013 Plastics Technology

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH of Koenigsbrunn, Germany, has enhanced its customer support here with the establishment of an independent subsidiary, Ettlinger North America LP, in Wheaton, Ill. It is headed by Ettlinger’s existing sales representative, Mike Diletti. Ettlinger has succeeded in the U.S. market with its ERF melt filter for recycling highly contaminated plastics waste. Now that device, which uses a mechanical scraper to remove contaminants from a rotating filter drum, has been applied to Ettlinger’s main product line, which is special injection molding machines for non-standard applications such as ones requiring high shot volumes (up to 160 liters). The filter can be added to the fixed plasticating extruder on the two-stage injection unit, allowing recycled plastics to be molded directly into new products without other processing.

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