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Controlled-Force honing and the Flex-Hone tool.

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Because I’ve written about the basics of honing and its types in a past column, I dug a little deeper into honing to find a couple newer articles on the topic, in case you missed them in our print publication.

A feature called Controlled-Force honing, which works in concert with a machine’s standard rate-feed system, is described in the article titled Tool Feed Technology Enhances Production Honing. It functions like cruise control to maintain the optimum cutting load on the honing abrasive throughout a cycle without regard to the incoming part’s hardness, geometry or size variation. Designed by Sunnen Products Co., this feature allows a machine to detect what is happening in the bore when the abrasive contacts it, whereas with feed rate alone, the machine feeds the tool per the program, not according to the real conditions the part is experiencing.

Controlled force honing is especially useful for applications using metal-bond abrasives and allows use of harder, more durable abrasive bonds where softer bonds may have been required in the past. This feature is engineered to produce more consistent surface finish results.
The Flex-Hone tool from Brush Research Manufacturing Co. Inc. is another honing product designed for efficiency and for producing quality finishes. According to the article Brush Hone Boosts Safety, Productivity, Finish Quality, the Flex-Hone consists of a shaft with protruding nylon filaments that contain hundreds of abrasive grit globules. Available in various sizes and abrasive types, the hone is especially useful for materials ranging from soft, nonferrous substances to carbide and ceramics. Brush Research says the tool enables easy removal of even microscopic burrs and fragments. Read more of this application article to see how the Flex-Hone tool has impacted RCBS, a manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment.
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