MMS Online Launches New Aerospace Machining Zone

The newly expanded Zone dedicated to machining aircraft parts includes separate areas focused on machining titanium, machining aluminum and machining composites.

Article From: 2/13/2009 Modern Machine Shop

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Aerospace Machining

This photo is courtesy of GTI, one of the suppliers profiled in the new online area for aircraft-related machining.

We have redesigned and re-launched the area of MMS Online that is devoted to machining for the aerospace sector. We have also added a considerable amount of new content to this zone.

Different areas of the new Aerospace Machining Zone now explore the breadth of aerospace machining. Separate collections focus on the challenges of titanium, aluminum and composites. Boeing experts are also available for direct questions.

The zone is a resource for any shop that serves the aerospace industry, or any shop that wants to serve it more efficiently. Find the newly expanded zone at

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