New Index Multi-Spindle IMTS Debut

Stop by the Index booth (S-8450) and see for yourself an example of where multi-spindle technology is headed.

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It has been a closely guarded development secret but now IMTS attendees get the world’s first look at the brand new Index MS16C. It’s a compact six-spindle machine, built on Index’s multi-spindle modular system and aimed at the cam-driven multi-spindle machine market with form tool slides as well as full CNC tool slides plus a backworking spindle for complete machining.

The machine is designed for high precision work from 16mm barstock while using relatively little floor space. The barfeed unit and chip conveyor are integrated.

Each main spindle operates independently and is capable of spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Using what the company calls Smart NC, each driven tool can be synchronized with the C-axis on the spindles for milling and polygon turning.

It packs a lot of capability into a small footprint. The standard version of the MS16C includes 24 programmable CNC axes, five forming slides in the X-axis, two drilling slides, three compound slides with X/Z interpolation, a cut-off slide with backworking and X/Z axis compound motion with Z-axis a synchronized spindle. Using various available modules, the standard machine can be configured to match application requirements.

Blending form tool capability with CNC compound slides brings the best of multi-spindle production in a single machine. Cycle times less than three seconds are the tangible results of these technologies coming together with the backworking bonus of dropping complex parts complete.

Make a point of stopping by the Index booth (S-8450) and see for yourself an example of where multi-spindle technology is headed.


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