Novel Chill Roll Thwarts Corrosion

Elastomer replaces metal to extend life of unit.

Article From: 3/28/2013 Plastics Technology

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A new type of chill roll for cast film and sheet extrusion uses a high-grade proprietary elastomer for the outer surface of the inner shell to eliminate rusting, scaling and corrosion. On standard chill rolls, steel is typically used on the inner surface of the outer shell and on the attached spiral wrap. When this material breaks down, the roller’s ability to cool the film is reduced, as is output.

But with the Hybrid Chill Roll from Menges Roller Co., Wauconda, Ill., the outer surface of the inner shell is coated with a thick layer of the elastomer. The spiral baffle flutes that help circulate the thermal fluid are then machined to final dimensions (photo). An oxidation- and corrosion-resistant metallic compound is then applied to the interior wall of the outer shell, protecting the entire interior chamber from the damaging effects of thermal-transfer fluids, glycol, oil, and water with improper pH levels.

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