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Last month, Absolute Machine Tools mailed 10,000 postcards to companies in the metalworking industry.

Article From: 9/10/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Absolute Machine Tools is enticing visitors to its booth with a playing-card themed giveaway. The Tongtai TMT-2000T, which has three turrets and multitasking capability, is one of 22 machines on display.

Last month, Absolute Machine Tools mailed 10,000 postcards to companies in the metalworking industry. Each card featured an oversized 10 of diamonds playing card and included an invitation to collect the four remaining playing cards to form a royal flush. To do that, IMTS visitors have to stop at Absolute’s Booth S-1234 to see at least four of the 22 machines on display. Turning in the “winning hand” entitles the visitor to enter a drawing for a $1,000 gift card. One winner will be selected each day of the show.

“We have four new machines, never shown before, that cover milling, turning and multitasking, so visitors can easily qualify by just checking out these machines,” company President Steve Ortner says. “We chose the card theme because it’s a fun way to say that machine tool buyers shouldn’t gamble on machine tools that don’t guarantee the performance they need.”

Of the new machines, Ortner is betting that the new Model TMT-2000T 11-axis, three-turret turning center from Tongtai might be the “ace in the hole” for many shops because of the third turret and its fast rapids. This multitasking, high-volume turn-mill machine was made for complex parts, and its third turret will drastically cut any program’s cycle, Ortner says.

Visitors who didn’t get a postcard in the mail can pick up a complementary 10 of diamonds at the entrance to the booth. “That’s a pretty good deal,” Ortner says. 

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