Trumpf Showcases Laser-Marking Technology

In Booth N-6223, Trumpf Inc. is displaying the latest advancements in laser marking, a versatile and rapidly growing segment of the laser market.

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A TruMark Station 1000D desktop workstation, outfitted with a TruMark Series-3000 marking laser, performs circumference marking on round parts in the Trumpf booth.

In Booth N-6223, Trumpf Inc. is displaying the latest advancements in laser marking, a versatile and rapidly growing segment of the laser market. Laser marking describes several processes—engraving, ablation, tempering, coloring and foaming—with the specific method depending on the base material and quality requirements, according to Trumpf.
Highlighted is the TruMark 3020, a compact and energy-efficient marking laser that reportedly boasts an 80-percent reduction in power consumption compared with previous, similar models. The laser head, which is air-cooled, low-weight and compact, combines with quick-connect cables for simplified laser transport.
Trumpf says TruMark Series 3000 marking lasers offer superior mark consistency due to high pulse-to-pulse stability and feature internal defocusing to adjust the working distance without external mechanical movement. Short pulses and an increased pulse-repetition rate provide high-speed marking and a low heat-affected zone.
Ideal for processing metallic surfaces and plastics, the 3020 on display in the company’s booth is integrated into the compact TruMark Station 1000D desktop workstation. Trumpf’s SAP driver connection, featured on the 1000D, directly connects the marking laser with the SAP printer-vendor program, enabling users to mark components directly from within the SAP system. Markings include company logos, designations, codes, serial numbers and more, without the need for additional programming or software. The 1000D is ideal for marking small components without the need for a mechanical Z axis, the company says.
For ease of loading and unloading, the 1000D features a door with integrated fixtures designed for specific components. Combined with the optical focusing axis, the fixtures ensure that the workpiece surface always locates on the focal plane.
Visitors to the Trumpf booth can watch the 3020 perform circumference marking on round parts in the TruMark Station 5000 laser-marking station with optional rotary axis. Also in action at the booth is the TruMark 5020 fiber laser marker in a TruMark Station 5000, offering high processing speeds and accelerated marking, and the TruMark 6030 marking laser, providing high power that makes it ideal for automotive, aerospace and medical applications where traceability is key. The 6030 is integrated into the TruMark Station 7000, the workstation with the largest and most accessible work area in the TruMark product line. Press-brake and 2D-laser-cutting technology, as well as a portfolio of industrial lasers, round out the Trumpf IMTS display.

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