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Mida T25P

Article From: 9/19/2012 MoldMaking Technology

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Marposs Corp. announces the new Mida T25P ultra-compact, high accuracy touch probe for machine tools with piezoelectric technology.  Although piezoelectric sensors are well known in various metrology applications, the new T25P is the first touch probe for machine tool applications to incorporate this technology. The T25P touch probe’s excellent multi-directional response characteristics make it ideal for high accuracy machining applications such as tool and cutter grinders and sharpeners.

Specifications* of the T25P probe include unidirectional repeatability of (2σ) 0.25 μm, 2D lobing in X/Y: ±0.25 μm, and 3D lobing in X/Y/Z:  ±1 μm (* based on use of a 35mm length stylus). The T25P touch probe consists of three basic components—the tripod kinematics, the piezoelectric sensor, and a microprocessor circuit board. The tripod kinematics supplies stylus mechanical over-travel and provides a double crash protection. Unlike other touch probes that require triggering of a switch, the T25P probe operates by means of a change in voltage. Upon detecting a contact by the stylus from any direction, a pulse signal of constant duration is generated that is elaborated by the PCB’s microprocessor and made available for output to the probe’s interface with the machine tool’s CNC.

The T25P probe has very low trigger force and zero pre-travel, therefore the time between the point of contact by the T25P probe and the resulting signal is significantly reduced compared to traditional mechanical touch probes. Because the trigger point is identical in every direction, it is only necessary to calibrate the probe in one axis regardless of the number of axes or approach directions.

The T25P probe is protected from temperature variations, high-pressure coolant and harsh environments.

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