Webinar: Using Simulation Software to Achieve “Lights-Out” Machining

A free webinar on Thursday, May 17 will explain the key role that NC verification and simulation plays in lights-out machining.

Article From: 5/14/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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When most people talk about lights-out machining, they are often referring to automation. But what about NC programs that have not yet run on the machine? Running a first-time part unattended requires 100 percent confidence in the software that verifies the NC program, and some manufactures are skeptical in believing this is truly possible.

A free webinar on Thursday, May 17 at 2:00 PM EDT will demonstrate how lights-out machining can be a reality. Sponsored by CGTech (Vericut), it will highlight specific features of NC verification, simulation and optimization software that are required to establish total confidence in the offline prove-out process will be discussed.

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