Who Invented the ER Collet?

The standard ER collet is the most widely used cutting tool clamping system around. So who invented it?

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of the ER collet, the most widely used cutting tool clamping system around.

The standard ER collet is the most widely used cutting tool clamping system around. So who invented it?
Fritz Weber, a toolmaker from Switzerland, founded Rego-Fix in 1950, and in 1972 he created and patented the ER collet, a design that became a DIN standard 20 years later. This year, the company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the clamping system. Current Rego-Fix versions are said to provide the lowest TIR for ER collets (≤0.0002 inch) over the entire clamping range.
The powRgrip toolholding system represents another milestone in the company’s history. An alternative to shrink-fit, the powRgrip is a mechanical, press-fit system that consists of a toolholder, high-precision collet and compact benchtop hydraulic clamping unit used to insert the collet and tool into the holder. The system is able to generate high clamping forces while maintaining a TIR of less than 0.0001 inch, the company says.
You can see a demonstration of this system in Booth W-2364. In addition, you can learn about Rego-Fix’s new slim-nose powRgrip 6 toolholder and its dual-contact Rego Plus holders (licensed by Big Daishowa and compatible with all Big Plus spindles), as well as the company’s Capto offerings that are available in ER and powRgrip holder versions.
Now here’s one last question: What does “ER” stand for? Weber modified the existing E-type collet developed in Europe to enable it to be extracted from a toolholder with a clamping nut. He then changed the name to “ER” collet, with the “R” standing for Rego-Fix.

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