World’s Smallest Production V8 Engine

See the world’s smallest production V8 engine and meet the man who made it in Sunnen Products’ Booth N-7400.

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See the world’s smallest production V8 engine and meet the man who made it in Sunnen Products’ Booth N-7400. On Tuesday and Thursday (Sept. 11 and 13), Gary Conley will be in the Sunnen booth to give details on his ¼-scale 1923 Ford T-bucket roadster, powered by his supercharged Stinger 609 V8 engine. The engine, which Conley engineered to scale, has a 6.09-cubic-inch displacement, is 14 inches long, 6 inches wide, 10 inches tall and weighs only 11.25 lbs. Conley uses a Sunnen honing machine to line hone crankshaft and camshaft bores, as well as hone the cylinder liners to a finished size of 0.9985 ±0.0005 inch.
“It is absolutely critical that these surfaces be dimensionally accurate and straight, and have the proper surface finish,” Conley says. “The block is about 5.25 inches long, so it takes experience, knowledge and effort to achieve the desired results. Any mistakes and you end up with an expensive paperweight.”
Conley is the Joe Martin Foundation’s “2012 Metalworking Craftsman of the Year.” He became a Sunnen customer when faced with an oil control problem in his engines.
“I was having an issue with oil getting pushed into the combustion chamber, and I determined that the solution was a better surface finish in the cylinders,” he says. “The Sunnen hone, tooling and abrasives have done the trick. I couldn’t make these engines without honing.”
Sunnen is displaying the roadster, engine and engine parts throughout the show.

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