Posted by: Jedd Cole 17. May 2016

Laser, Waterjet Systems Work on Parts from Large to Tiny

Click above to view the slideshow of our May issue’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight.

Our May issue’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight highlights machines and systems for cutting parts using lasers or abrasive waterjet—from small, micromachined workpieces with GF Machining Solutions’ Laser P 400U five-axis laser, to sheets as large as 24 × 14 feet with Jet Edge’s high-rail-gantry waterjet system.

Click the image above to view the slideshow featuring these and other laser and waterjet products with links to more information. 

Posted by: Stephanie Hendrixson 16. May 2016

Read the May 2016 Issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Additive Manufacturing magazine covers practical, industrial applications—what companies are doing right now, today with the technology—but is also interested in AM’s future potential. Our May issue contains examples of manufacturers who are additively manufacturing parts like mold components and surgical instruments that are currently in use; however, it also takes a look at where additive is headed.

In this issue:

  • Caterpillar details how an additive approach to aftermarket parts is helping the company prepare for eventual production through AM.
  • An independent manufacturer explains why it spends time helping partners develop AM-enabled parts that will come to market in the future.
  • AM equipment manufacturer Arcam describes the promise and progress of additive manufacturing for the aerospace and orthopedic industries.

Read these stories and more in this month’s digital edition (and consider subscribing to receive future issues directly in your mailbox or inbox). 

Posted by: Mark Albert 13. May 2016

Meet Bandit, This Shop’s CMO

Making people smile is one of the chief duties of any shop dog. Bandit is good at this job, as proven by this shot of Gary Bruner and his CMO.   

CMO—that’s “Chief Morale Officer.” Bandit is a border collie whose main occupation is keeping attitudes well-adjusted at Carolina Precision Manufacturing in Mooresville, North Carolina. I visited this shop recently to see its newly installed machine monitoring system. Company President Gary Bruner introduced me to Bandit, who tagged along for my tour of this prosperous and forward-thinking CNC Swiss shop. Bandit’s positive influence was evident at every stop on the tour.

Of course, Bandit didn’t distract me from getting a good look at how the new machine monitoring system is helping CPM improve machine uptime and hit critical production targets. I’m planning to report on this shop’s experience in an upcoming feature article. How the monitoring system and the upbeat shop culture there were mutually beneficial will be part of this story.

Having a friendly dog or other pet around the shop can be part of a company’s unique culture. To see more about why I like “shop dogs,” click here. Have a picture or story about your shop dog? Send it me at

Posted by: Emily Probst 12. May 2016

Manufacturing News of Note

Jerry Rex has been appointed COO of Methods Machine Tools Inc.

Methods Machine Tools, Inc.. (Sudbury, Massachusetts) has appointed Jerry Rex Chief Operating Officer of all Methods operations. Spanning 40 years, Mr. Rex’s manufacturing career began with a machinist position at GE Locomotive. He steadily rose from roles in engineering and applications to production, sales management and executive positions at manufacturers and machine tool organizations. Most recently he served as executive vice president of Concept Machine Tools (Minneapolis, Minnesota). Prior to Concept Machine Tools, Mr. Rex was President of Hegman Machinery LLC, a Morris Group Company from 2013 to 2015. For the 20 years prior, his roles included President of Morris South (Charlotte, North Carolina), Vice President of Gosiger Inc. (Dayton, Ohio) and Regional Manager of J&H Machine Tools (Richmond, Virginia).  Mr. Rex also served as chairman of AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, where he continues to serve on the board of directors. 

Here is more news to note:

Posted by: Derek Korn 12. May 2016

Launching an Apprenticeship Program for $130

Paul Harbath, director of quality and continuous improvement for LeanWerks, has been key to helping develop the lessons for the shop’s Technical Excellence Training (TExT) program and administrating it.

LeanWerks calls it “TeXT.” TeXT stands for Technical Excellence Training program, an in-house apprenticeship program the shop developed to cultivate its own talent and provide new hires with a clear pathway leading to a machining career.

To manage it, the shop used WordPress to create a TExT “training website,” and then purchased a plug-in called LearnDash, which effectively turns WordPress into an online learning management system. The one-time cost for the LearnDash license was a mere $130.

As described in this article, many training lessons in the TeXT program include instructional video taken of actual LeanWerks shopfloor processes and practices to clearly outline the steps required to complete a given task safely and effectively. To date, the shop has produced more than 130 such videos for its TExT program. The article mentioned above includes an example of a training video LeanWerks produced explaining how to properly fill out first- and final-article inspection reports for a given job. 

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