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“The tool presetter is one of the most important data hubs in a data-driven manufacturing environment,” Ryan Meleg says. As Global business unit director at Parlec Inc., Mr. Meleg sees how a streamlined flow of data across a computer network that connects all of a shop’s CNC machines and related software applications is essential to the Industry 4.0 concept. More to the point, he emphasizes that the latest tool measuring technology has to play a vital role in this scenario.

“The presetter, which may be better called a tool measuring machine, provides a direct link—a single point of contact—between the tooling database from which part design and CNC programming draw, and the machining process that relies on the tool offset data and tool life information for accurate and precise part production,” he explains. In addition, he says, the presetter/tool measuring machine can check tooling items returning to the tool crib so that the tooling database can be updated with current measurements that reflect detectable edge wear, along with information such as remaining tool life. “This capability closes the gap between the virtual model of the tooling assembly and actual components that do the machining. It also closes the loop between projected tool performance and the actual results from the shop floor,” he says.

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Posted by: Matt Danford 17. November 2016

5S in a Box

Oakley Die & Mold’s deep machining expertise was a prime reason why the injection mold manufacturer was acquired in 2013, and the fundamentals of the process here haven’t changed much since then. What has changed is that the shop is now more organized, standardized and efficient than ever before, all thanks to its embrace of tried-and-true, lean manufacturing principles.

Early on, with much of the work of implementing lean still ahead, one product in particular made a significant and immediate contribution to the shop’s goals. Just as notably, it also provided an early case in point for what one essential lean tool, 5S, is all about.

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There are many factors to be considered before acquiring a new machine tool, and a lot of questions have to be asked and answered prior to selecting the right CNC machine. This process includes asking questions about why the shop is buying in the first place and considering what size and sort of workpieces will be machined. It’s also useful to recall all the different people and departments the new machine will affect before moving to purchase.

During the machine-buying process, some companies will form committees, especially when numerous departments will be involved in and responsible for the daily operation of the machine. Buying committees allow each department to have input, conveying their requirements and concerns prior to machine selection.

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The 2016 Additive Manufacturing Conference (AM2016), which took place at this year's International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), featured 20 speakers on topics ranging from surface finishing options for additive manufactured tooling to the right reasons for an organization to pursue 3D printing. It would be impossible to summarize all that the conference's 500 attendees witnessed, but the editors of Additive Manufacturing have done our best to highlight the most salient points in the November issue. Go directly to the conference coverage, or access the full issue here.

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Nadia Ayad, a materials engineering student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Military Institute of Engineering, was announced the winner of Sandvik Coromant’s Graphene Challenge for her idea of using graphene for a filtration device and desalinization system that would provide drinkable water to households. The contest invited people to submit ideas for sustainable innovations made from graphene for the modern household. Ms. Ayad’s idea could significantly reduce energy costs and strain on current water supplies by recycling water.

“I am really fascinated with the study and applications of advanced materials, so the opportunity to travel to Sweden to meet with leading researchers is one that I am really looking forward to," Ms. Ayad says.

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