Posted by: Stephanie Hendrixson 16. June 2016

Webinar: Using Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing to Improve Productivity

Okuma’s Wade Anderson (left) and RPM Innovation’s Robert Mudge will present a July 20 webinar titled “Using Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing to Multiply Productivity.”

How can additive manufacturing (AM) be combined with subtractive manufacturing in a way that successfully boosts productivity? What, in practical terms, does that success look like?

A webinar taking place July 20 will address AM’s role alongside subtractive manufacturing, using real manufacturing data to demonstrate costs and benefits of both processes. Material costs, hourly shop rates and spindle utilization will be among the factors considered in this presentation.

The free webinar will be hosted by Wade Anderson, product specialist sales manager for Okuma, and Robert Mudge, CEO of RPM Innovations. Register here to attend

Posted by: Jedd Cole 15. June 2016

EDM Control Features Benefit Complex Machining

Click above to view the slideshow of June issue’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight.

Our May issue’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight highlights electric discharge machines, or EDMs, and related equipment. One standout feature among this month’s curated selections is control features. The Fuzzy-Logic control on MC Machinery Systems’ EA12PS sinker EDM improves work in no-flush machining situations, for example. Methods Machine Tools’ RoboCut series of wire EDMs use a FANUC controller that enables remote monitoring of as many as 32 machines for vital metrics. 

Click the image above to view the slideshow featuring these and other turning machine products with links to more information. Also, be sure to check out our EDM Zone.

Posted by: Peter Zelinski 14. June 2016

Live: Watch a Machine Shop Make Energy

Quabbin Inc. is a 17-employee Massachusetts machining business that obtains 40 percent of its electricity needs from an acre of photovoltaic panels (solar panels) on the roof of its facility. Live, current electricity production data for the Quabbin facility can be seen in this real-time display.

The company installed the 1,100-panel, 220-kilowatt photovoltaic system in 2010. It says the total carbon dioxide offset of this step is the equivalent of what it would otherwise take nearly 8,000 trees to absorb. Read about the shop’s other environmental practices on its website.

Posted by: Emily Probst 13. June 2016

Read the June 2016 Digital Edition

Read the June digital edition by clicking on the photo above.

By giving its personnel room to experiment, ADEX Machining’s R&D program has resulted in enhanced toolpath generation, cutting cycle times by boosting metal-removal rates on the order of 20 to 40 percent. Read the full story on page 76.

Also in this issue:

  • How a new twist on tombstone workholding enabled one shop’s HMC to perform 3+2 machining to reduce scrap while supporting higher-volume customer needs;
  • How reduced machine downtimes and higher throughput have laid to rest any initial reservation one shop had about ramping up on-machine probing technology;
  • How investing in a new HMC with a two-axis head and six-station pallet pool enabled a company to make telescopic boom components in one setup, lights-out.

Access these stories and more in the June 2016 digital edition.

Posted by: Mark Albert 10. June 2016

All Fired Up

The company’s new facility in Batavia, Illinois, relies on this bank of 16 ANCA cutting tool grinders for its production needs.

After Taurus Tool and Engineering, a manufacturer of custom carbide cutting tools, lost its production facility to a disastrous fire, it was able to rebuild the business on an entirely new basis. New production methods and management practices enabled the company to achieve six essential goals.

  • Provide fresh tool design thinking for better tool performance;
  • Save all programs in one place and eliminate paper;
  • Enable any machine to produce any tool;
  • Reduce cycle times and improve turnaround times;
  • Capture tool makers’ experience and eliminate tribal knowledge; and
  • Make programming easy.

ANCA, a supplier of CNC tool grinders, played a key role in this recovery. Read the complete story, told from ANCA’s point of view is here.

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