Posted by: Stephanie Monsanty 29. January 2015

Slideshow: Houstex 2015 Preview

Houstex organizers refer to Houston as the “energy capital of the U.S.,” and with oil and gas production in the United States on the rise, the city’s manufacturing sector has been going strong. Taking place February 24-26 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houstex 2015 has a special focus on oil and gas, petroleum, and related industries—but fabricating, medical and aerospace manufacturing, among others, will also be well-represented. Special events scheduled during the show include a Student Summit, additive manufacturing presentations, and talks on search marketing, energy industry outlook, and more. The trade show is produced by SME.

Register for the show here, and click the image above to view a slideshow previewing a selection of the products you’ll see on the show floor. 

Posted by: Emily Probst 28. January 2015

ID Broaching a Blind Hole in 304 Stainless

Mike Turner, operations manager at Derby Machine (Derby, Kansas) had a problem: Finding a vendor that could ID broach a blind hole in 304 stainless steel to proper size/accuracy specifications forced the company to ship its parts from Kansas to Chicago at $15 per part with a $100 setup fee, plus shipping both ways. Along with these costs, Mr. Turner says the parts were often damaged in the shipping process, so he began to ship them in ammo boxes for protection.

In search of a better solution, Mr. Turner decided to give an indexable-insert broaching tool from CNC Broach Tool (Marina Del Rey, California) a try. Though originally developed for lathes, Derby Machine would use the tool in a Haas mill. When the company received the tool and started setting up the machine, Mr. Turner says CNC Broach Tool’s John Gardner was very helpful in instructing the company on how to install the tool, as well as get the program, feeds and speeds correct.

According to Mr. Turner, the tool paid for itself several times over on the first run alone. From a single insert point, the company can broach more than 100 parts with a cycle time increase of only 2 minutes, 14 seconds. Today, the company has run more than 1,000 parts using very few inserts and has never lost the tool itself, he says.

“We never scrapped any parts because of the broach. It holds the depth and width through the whole run. I am extremely happy with the results and cost savings of this tool,” Mr. Turner says.

Posted by: Mark Albert 27. January 2015

Additive Manufacturing Applications Today and Tomorrow

CECIMO's Fall 2014 magazine includes a table with current and potential applications for additive manufacturing.

CECIMO, the European Association of Machine Tool Industries, sees compelling opportunities for its members who venture into additive manufacturing of metal parts. A recent issue of the association’s magazine included this table of current and potential future applications for additive manufacturing in various industry sectors. It’s a handy way to size up what this technology can do now and what it might do very soon to fundamentally change how metal components are made.

Posted by: Peter Zelinski 26. January 2015

Video: Machinist Describes His New Role with Robot

Do robots in manufacturing replace people? Universal Robots produced this video of an operator whose role expanded once he was “replaced.”

Slobodan Todoric, CNC machinist for Intertia Switch, used to load and unload machine tools during production. A robot does that now, and Mr. Todoric has become a robot programmer.

Posted by: Mark Albert 23. January 2015

What to Know about Torque Motors

Torque motors are commonly used in indexing tables on machine tools. This succinct article helps you evaluate this and other applications in which power transmission for rotation calls for the advantages of a torque motor.

Torque motors simplify integration, offer high performance, reduce the cost of ownership and have an extensive working range.

The article was composed by Brian Zlotorzycki, a product specialist at ETEL, a Swiss designer and producer of components for direct drive technology. ETEL is part of Heidenhain, a supplier of machine tool CNCs, encoders, touch probes and other products for precise motion control and measurement.

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