Posted by: 22. August 2012

90 Cubic Inches Per Minute in Titanium

Machine tool builder Mag says this is what 90 cubic inches per minute in titanium looks like. The company’s XTi “super profiler” demonstrated that metal removal rate before being shipped to Aerospace Dynamics International of Valencia, California. ADI got two of these machines, which will share a 120-foot X-axis rail for multi-part production of titanium components for the Boeing 777 and 787, and Airbus A350.

Chip Storie, Mag executive vice president, says the XTi is engineered and built for maximum dynamic stiffness and sustained power in titanium roughing. The profiler uses five spindle motors rated 51 kW, producing 2523 N-m of torque. The spindle support structure is incorporated into a heavyweight gantry designed for superior damping. “ADI's goal was to set a new standard for producing titanium parts at the lowest cost per piece,” he says.

ADI president and CEO John Cave says the company typically roughs titanium 6-4 at radial depth of 0.38 inch and axial depth of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The company had Mag mill an angular channel in titanium with 4.0-inch axial depth and a 1.5-inch radial depth. Impressed with the ease of these cuts, he says, “The machine peeled off perfect '6-shaped' chips with no chatter or sign of structural instability.” 

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