Posted by: 19. December 2013

A 3D Printer in Every School

Teachers across the United States can register with
to request funding for a MakerBot Academy package, which includes a Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer and spools of PLA filament. 

During the State of the Union address back in February, President Obama made the following statement:

"3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. We must ensure that the next Industrial Revolution in manufacturing will happen in America. We can get that done."

The remark inspired additive equipment supplier MakerBot with a mission: to put a 3D printer in every school in the United States. MakerBot has since partnered with America Makes and Autodesk to make this happen through, a crowdfunding website for educators. Teachers post requests for classroom materials on the site and explain their need, and donors can make contributions toward the purchases.

More than 400 requests have already been made for MakerBot’s Academy bundle, which includes a MakerBot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer, three spools of MakerBot PLA filament, and a full year of service and protection. To view the requests—and help fund the project—go to and search for MakerBot. You can search for teachers near you, or just donate to a request that appeals to you. 

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