Posted by: 17. June 2013

A Toolholder Maintenance Guide for the Inexperienced and Veterans Alike

Tooling supplier Techniks offers a “Machinist’s Guide to Toolholder Maintenance,” a 5-page overview of some of the most important aspects of keeping collet-and-nut-style toolholders in top condition. Proper toolholder care, according to the company, is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase machine productivity, protect equipment investments, and reduce downtime and scrap without sacrificing part quality. Unfortunately, inexperienced machine operators might not know how to recognize when components of collet-and-nut-style toolholder assemblies need to be replaced or might not fully understand the importance of doing so. To read more about the guide, visit “A Machinist’s Guide to Toolholder Maintenance,” or visit the full guide online that includes toolholder terminology and concepts. 

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