Posted by: 13. March 2013

Adding New Technologies Adds up to New Business Opps!




It’s true that researching new technologies can result in new business opportunities. Mold manufacturers need to keep on top of the latest and greatest in technology—and equipment—to help OEM customers achieve greater efficiencies and better quality parts. That’s what Linear Mold & Engineering did when it added a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to its quality department. The new Brown & Sharpe Xcel 7107 CMM provides Linear with an in-house quality measuring system. Click here to read about how the new equipment helped the company solidify a niche in aerospace production component manufacturing using additive manufacturing technology—and increase overall accuracies. Steve Spaleny, Linear’s director of sales and program management, says that the addition of the CMS allows the company to provide inspection data to support the accuracy of its products.

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