Posted by: 17. October 2012

Aerospace Company Goes All in for Titanium Machining

Announced at IMTS, Aerospace Dynamics International, Inc. (ADI) will increase its titanium machining capacity by approximately 40 percent by adding eight five-spindle, five-axis XTi profilers from Mag at a cost of $36 million. The purchase is part of a $90 million investment that includes a new 120,000-square-foot facility to support Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 programs. Upon completion, the expansion will give ADI approximately 600,000 square feet of space and lead to the hiring of more than 200 new employees. This new order comes on the heels of ADI’s 2011 purchase of two Mag five-spindle three-axis XTi profilers.
The five-axis XTi profilers enable independent control of the rotary axes on each spindle. Each spindle’s A and B axes can rotate ±30 degrees. The new five-axis gantry design uses the same high-stiffness frame as Mag’s three-axis XTi, which set a titanium metal removal record of more than 90 cubic inches per minute in runoff for ADI.

In addition to machine tools, ADI purchased tooling and applications support from Mag’s Productivity Solutions business and the company’s Freedom eLog factory monitoring software. According to Mag, this purchase is one of its largest single aerospace orders in terms of total value and number of spindles.  

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