After Additive Mrf. Comes Machining: March 2017 Digital Edition

The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop covers a shop proving that additive belongs alongside subtractive machining, guidance on data-driven manufacturing and the efforts of a toolmaker to increase the usable cutting edges of its tool products.


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Does additive manufacturing belong in a machining business? asks Editor-in-Chief Peter Zelinski in his cover story to the March 2017 issue of Modern Machine Shop. Starting on page 66 of the digital edition, he shows how Imperial Machine & Tool, a fourth-generation family machine shop, answers “yes” to that question by integrating additive manufacturing as another production operation. Third-generation owner Chris Joest says that given the fact that every critical part made additively will also have tolerances requiring machining work, it makes more sense for companies to integrate additive and subtractive than for them to specialize in one or the other.

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