Posted by: 10. February 2012

An Injection Molder in MMS?


Thogus is the first case I know of in which an injection molder with no CNC machining capability was the subject of a feature article in Modern Machine Shop. Thogus’s story (read it here) appears in the premiere issue of our new Additive Manufacturing supplement. Usually, our sister magazine Plastics Technology covers injection molders. For MMS’s readers, particularly mold shops, a company like Thogus is a customer.
But that’s exactly the point. By embracing additive manufacturing, Thogus has been able to bypass mold suppliers—additively generating either the mold or the plastic part on its own. In addition, by using additive manufacturing to produce short runs of parts, Thogus has been able to compete for low-volume jobs that typically would go to a machine shop. Additive manufacturing has thus helped redefine the company in ways that directly affect companies using CNC machine tools.

In this video, Thogus president Matt Hlavin discusses his company’s use of additive manufacturing technology. 

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