Posted by: 22. November 2012

Be Thankful for (Relatively) Lower Gas Prices

However, those lower prices are a relative thing, because has calculated that the national average for gas will be the highest ever this Thanksgiving.

According to Patrick DeHaan, another senior petroleum analyst, national gas prices will be about a dime a gallon higher than in 2011, at $3.43 per gallon.

gasbuddy_logo “Gasoline prices have come down over the last month, dramatically in some states, leading motorists to feel better about things—including driving the car to get to their destinations,” said Gregg Lakoski, a senior petroleum analyst with, relative to planned Thanksgiving driving.

In Detroit, there is a bigger price difference: an average $3.49 per gallon compared with $3.21 per gallon last Thanksgiving.

Well, at least Detroiters can take solace in the (relatively) better performance of the Lions.

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