Posted by: 13. February 2013

Currier Plastics Jumps on the Education Bandwagon!




Custom plastics molder Currier Plastics just received a $100,000 grant by the state Department of Labor to train its employees in all things lean manufacturing. The company—which providesdesign, blow molding, injection molding and injection stretch blow molding to the packaging industry—will use the grant to give 80 employees approximately 100 hours of hands-on and classroom training. The principles of lean manufacturing include the practice of incremental improvement to reduce waste and increase workplace functionality, customer service and product performance.

Currier states that this grant will help it retain 100 manufacturing employees and add 50 new manufacturing jobs in the next five years. Read here how the company has has cultivated a strong group of both domestic and international partners it works with to offer its customers the best in leadtimes and costs.

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