Posted by: 21. February 2013

“Every Word Is Like a Drop of Blood”

As a writer who struggles mightily with his craft at times, I read that and said to myself, “Ain’t that the truth!” The quote in the title above is from a piece appearing in the latest IMTS Insider newsletter. In “The Top 10 List of Hints for Good News Writing,” Mary Uhrina offers valuable advice to writers, including those who may be tasked with composing news and exhibitor announcements related to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (September 8-13, 2014). A professional who does much of the wordsmithing for IMTS promotion, Mary understands the effort it takes to write and the strenuous effort it takes to write well. Her tips give comfort and encouragement.

Find the article here.

Finally, let me add this hint to Mary’s list:

11. Find a secluded spot away from email, telephone calls, text messages, desk clutter and drop-in visitors to do your writing. When a nearby office was vacant, I often retreated to this “fortress of solitude” to pull words out of my head—or to use Mary’s metaphor—out of my veins.


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