Posted by: 26. December 2013

GE Contest Winner: The Most Strength with the Least Weight

GE recently announced the winner of its Jet Engine Bracket Challenge. The challenge involved a bracket to be shifted from CNC machining to additive manufacturing. Machining limits design options, but additive manufacturing offers complexity for free. Therefore, GE’s challenge asked contestants to redesign the bracket to perform its function with the least amount of weight and material. The winning design is seen here. According to GE, M Arie Kurniawan, an engineer from Salatiga in Central Java, Indonesia, came in first out of nearly 700 entries from 56 countries. Mr. Kurniawan’s bracket and the rest of the top ten bracket designs were additively manufactured at GE Aviation’s additive manufacturing plant in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Kurniawan’s design reduced the bracket’s weight by nearly 84 percent.

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