Posted by: 11. July 2011

Get Your Metalworking from the Granite State

Governor John Lynch talked earlier this year about the partnership between New Hampshire and

I like when I can buy American and know that my purchase is benefiting businesses, employees and families that share their citizenship with me. I like it even better when I can buy Ohio (my home state), and know that the benefits land even closer to home. However, knowing whether I am buying American is difficult enough. Knowing whether I am buying from a particular state is more difficult still.

That’s why I was interested in a novel partnership announced earlier this year by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch. The state worked with manufacturing marketplace to produce a special “New Hampshire only” area of MFG’s site. Manufacturing suppliers who register through the MFG link on receive a special profile that is fully part of, but also integrated with the site’s New Hampshire-only content. Manufacturing buyers registering with then have access to the New Hampshire information for free. 

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