Posted by: 25. February 2013

High Speed CNC Turning Center for Demanding Turning Operations

Goodway’s GLS-1500 Series high-speed CNC turning center features a 30-degree slant bed casting design and optional single-moving live tooling turret built for demanding turning operations.

The 30-degree slant bed design provides smooth chip disposal and easier operator access, the company says. Fully enclosed splashguards keep chips and coolant contained. An auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws and other vital components. Distribution is automatically shut off during idling to prevent waste.

According to Yama Seiki, the GLS-1500 Series CNC turning centers are built to withstand many years of rigorous high production turning with a heavily ribbed, one-piece, thermally balanced bed of Meehanite casting parts. The 30-degree true slant bed design provides further support for the headstock, turret and tailstock, thus creating the rigidity needed for long-term, high-precision turning and efficient chip removal.

These CNC turning centers include a high-speed servomotor indexing system to give the ten or 12-station turret 0.2 second indexing time. The optional ten-station turret clears 8” diameter workholding devices without interference, while the new, optional 12-station turret can do milling, drilling, tapping and turning operations.

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