Posted by: 14. June 2013

How Do You Stimulate Engineering Creativity?

What is engineering creativity? How do you nurture it within your organization? What are the obstacles to creativity?


Straightforward answers to these questions are offered in a new book, Unleashing Engineering Creativity, by Joseph Berk, a principal engineering consultant and instructor with Eogogics Inc., Vienna, Va., a provider of training and consulting services in engineering, technical management, and a number of other disciplines. This highly readable book (paperback, 167 pages) discusses in direct, how-to style more than a dozen techniques for fostering engineering creativity within organizations.

Each chapter suggests activities to implement these techniques and sources for more information. The book is part of the firm’s Unleashing Engineering Creativity Workshop  but is also sold separately ($35.96 at Excerpts available online include the introduction to the book, and one of the chapters on specific techniques.

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