Posted by: 23. January 2013

Hyundai WIA Partners with Michael Waltrip Racing

The rules for the 2013 racing season are undergoing significant changes and Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR) has partnered with Hyundai WIA to rapidly respond to the NASCAR Sprint Series changes for 2013. Two new VMCs, a Hyundai F510B and F650, are up and running at MWR’s North Carolina headquarters, making a total number of four VMCs in MWR’s stable.
“Our drive is 'get fast, faster'," says Michael Waltrip. “When rules change in mass as they have for the 2013 racing season, only the teams with the ability to design, manufacture and test components the quickest get the edge. This new partnership with Hyundai WIA gives MWR the competitive advantage needed this winter, to prepare for the 2013 racing season.”
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