Posted by: 10. March 2011

If It’s Good Enough for NASA…

Generators like these release an environmentally friendly agent
that chemically interferes with a fire to extinguish it.
Sometimes technologies that are applied in manufacturing facilities are also appropriate for other neat applications. Take the Stat-X machine tool fire extinguishing system from Fireaway that I learned about at IMTS this past September. When fire safety experts for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center decided to replace the fire suppression system in the giant twin crawler transporters for the space shuttle program, it turned to Fireaway.
NASA’s crawler transporters are two of the world’s largest moving machines. They are complex environments with a great deal of equipment packed into tight spaces. This makes the piping for gaseous fire suppression systems very cumbersome and expensive, notes James Lavin, Fireaway’s CEO. Stat-X fire suppression systems were invented to address these types of challenges.
At the heart of these fire suppression systems are generators like the ones above that release an environmentally safe extinguishing agent. Read this article to learn more about the advantages these systems offer machine shops.
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