Posted by: 4. August 2011

Interesting Quality Test

A good part of the country has experienced some really high temperatures lately. That means AC units and fans are getting real workouts. This calls to mind the video above in which some guys give their industrial fan from Big Ass Fans a real “workout.” The quality of the video isn’t that great, but the quality of the fan is clear.
And if you’re wondering how the company came up with its, um, interesting name, here’s the explanation from its website:
“We started in 1999 as the HVLS Fan Company, but after three years in business, we finally had to bow to the sentiments of our customers and concede that we do, in fact, design and manufacture some really Big Ass Fans. It was, therefore, a natural step to change our name to Big Ass Fan Company, and to 'adopt' our mascot, Fanny the Donkey, shortly thereafter.”

Who says you can’t have a little fun in this game? 

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