Posted by: 9. February 2010

iPhone Apps for Machinists

Smart phone and machining technologies have collided…but in a good way.

Jim Rowe, who has 30-plus years of experience with cutting tool use, selection and instruction, has developed two Apple iPhone apps to assist machinists with common cutting tool calculations. The product developer for Smart Calculations designed “The Machinist APPrentice” and “The Machinist Journeyman” to offer simple, streamlined and self-explanatory interfaces. They’re cheap, too.


This article explains more about these apps and includes a link to video that demonstrates some Journeyman features. The video shows how chip thinning factors can be calculated for radial width of cut and ballnose depth of cut, and also demonstrates how easy it is to generate G code for a thread milling application.


So I guess there really is an app for everything.

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