Posted by: 14. May 2013

Is an On-Site Health Care Clinic Right for You?

Josh Senour, CNC operator at BCI, is using one of the clinic’s two computer stations to complete his online health risk assessment. Employees can also review health-education books and DVDs in a nearby room.


Challenges sometimes spur atypical solutions. Bremen Castings Inc. (BCI) is a case in point. BCI has leveraged new foundry and machining technology to become a highly competitive supplier of machined ductile and gray iron castings to a myriad of customers. It is well-served by its willingness to try new manufacturing and management approaches. This business ethos has recently led BCI to adopt an interesting strategy to manage rising health care costs that’s rare for a company with under 300 employees: It established an on-site health care clinic to provide insured employees and their dependents free primary care, generic prescription drugs and, perhaps most importantly, personal health coaching to improve their overall wellness. Learn more.

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