Posted by: 16. August 2012

Keeping an Eye on Five


Five-axis machining is becoming more widely adopted in leading machine shops. In some cases, shops simply appreciate the ability to use the fourth and fifth rotational axes to orient the cutting tool or workpiece in a variety of fixed positions prior to machining. In other more advanced cases, full-five-axis contouring is used to simultaneously rotate those axes during the cut to effectively create complex geometries for parts such as impellers, blades and blisks.


This year’s IMTS will feature a hearty selection of new five-axis machine models for both applications. Many of the equipment write-ups machine tool builders sent to us for our August and September IMTS products sections detailed new five-axis machines that will be introduced at the show.


But before heading off to Chicago to check out those machines, check out the various articles we’ve written about this machining strategy in our Five-Axis Machining Zone.

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