Posted by: 19. November 2013

Know About the “Headless Bolt” Fixturing Alternative?

Loc-Down units install in tapped holes in a subplate. The workpiece (shown here in gray) requires mating holes that have a machined internal groove to accommodate the units. Holding force is provided via the unit’s ball-lock mechanism.

Installing and removing conventional bolts used to secure workpieces to subplates can be time-consuming. Plus, protruding bolt heads often interfere with the cutting tool, preventing it from accessing all workpiece areas that require machining. As a result, Mitee-Bite has developed its “headless bolt” Loc-Down system so users can quickly attach and remove workpieces from subplates. Not only does this system enable faster workpiece change-overs compared to conventional bolts, but there’s less cutter interference thanks to its compact design. Learn more.


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