Posted by: 16. May 2011

Micromachining and Flat-Screen TVs

Our May cover story describes how a Pennsylvania shop has benefitted by developing an effective micromachining strategy for hard tooling components. Its tooling is used for compacting powder metal components, and the tooling components it machines are also made of powder metal. Micromachining such abrasive materials is tricky, and this article highlights choices the shop made in terms of machine tools, cutting tools, toolholders, programming and so on. Making the move to micromachining has enabled the shop to reduce the amount of EDM work it previously performed, minimizing secondary bench work and greatly speeding throughput.

And here’s another example of the type of neat tidbits we learn about because we actually take time to visit shops. This year, Quala-Die implemented an incentive points program to reward employees who give extra effort. 



Employees build points that can be redeemed for items like the ones shown below. Send me an email if you have implemented a similar program. I’d love to hear about it. 


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